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Collaborate on meeting agendas & notes, and better manage your calendar.

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Meeting Warrior

Fed up of unprepared meetings with no purpose or agenda?

Host effective meetings and drive accountability with Meeting Warrior.

Collaborative agendas

Create and share meeting agendas.

Attendees collaborate in real-time.

Others can edit without an account.

Meeting notes

Save actions & meeting notes.

Store private and public notes.

All notes saved for later viewing.

Calendar analytics

Track who you're meeting with.

Automatic meeting type summaries.

Export your meetings into Excel.

Productivity shortcuts

Share your public calendar.

Quickly-join video conferencing links.

Easily share your availability.

Meeting Warrior connects seamlessly to your existing calendar.

10,000+ meetings hosted to date.

Feature spotlight

Features our users love

Auto-categorize events - Meeting Warrior

Auto-categorize events

At a glance see internal, external and personal meetings. Custom reports let you see how you're spending your time.

"Suddenly calenders are 10x easier to read."
Ruth, Executive assistant
Free time summary - Meeting Warrior

Free time summary

Generate a text snippet summarising your availability. Easily paste into an e‑mail or text.

"Pasting my availability into Whatsapp now takes seconds."
Marc, Venture Capital investor
Block your calendar for work - Meeting Warrior

Block your calendar for work

Warrior identifies time slots you may want to protect to get work done. Protect your calendar with one click.

"I like blocking my calendar as I need extended periods to focus"
Michael, Advertising manager
Collaborative editing - Meeting Warrior

Collaborative editing

See others' meeting notes and agenda items updated in real-time. Multiple people can write notes and capture actions together.

"We all have Meeting Warrior open next to Zoom for internal meetings."
Susan, Series A Founder

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Use cases

How Meeting Warrior can work for you

Improve meeting effectiveness

Improve meeting effectiveness

Managers Team leaders

As our work shifts to remote, we need more support to know a meeting's purpose, and what needs to be looked at beforehand.

Use Meeting Warrior to collaborate on agendas with others and share documents ahead of each meeting. Your meetings will be as effective as ever.

Track external meetings

Track external meetings

Sales Customer success Investors Founders

Ensure you're meeting with key contacts regularly. Set meeting frequency targets and be alerted when a catch-up is overdue.

Meeting Warrior provides a summary of everyone you have met with over a given period and how long you have spent with them.

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